In January of 2015, Kristin Harrison- an Easton parent - lost her young niece to a heroin overdose. Like many of her peers, the path to heroin started with the early use of alcohol and marijuana. The family struggled without local resources and feared judgment within the town. Simultaneously, Easton residents were using Facebook to discuss the issue. Many public commenters were misinformed about the realities of youth substance abuse. Kristin began a mission to educate others, initially through a Facebook page.

Over 4 years later, Easton Wings of Hope is recognized as the official youth substance use prevention coalition in Easton.

EWoH envisions a healthy Easton where healthy choices are recognized, valued, and accessible to all. The coalition's mission is to prevent youth substance use through education, awareness, and policy change.

Easton Wings of Hope and its Steering Committee are eager to work with Easton residents and other community partners to make positive changes and prevent youth initiation to substances.

About Wings of Hope