Interested in volunteering for Wings of Hope?

As announced at the February General Meeting, Wings of Hope is looking for your help to spread its mission of education, awareness, and policy change!

In the month of May, Wings of Hope will be holding a series of meetings for those who are interested in donating their time to help reduce youth substance abuse rates in Easton.

See below for a list of Volunteer Committees and their descriptions:

1. Events (Thursday, 5/24): Help EWoH organize and execute the various events it holds throughout the calendar year in the Easton community! If you enjoy coordinating events or would simply like to donate your time for the set up/break down process, the coalition would love to hear from you!

2. Communications/Outreach(Tuesday, 5/22): Members of this committee will work together to help the coalition further cultivate its messaging as well as member recruitment efforts. If you are creative and wish to spread the word about EWoH, consider volunteering for this committee!

3. Youth Involvement(Wednesday, 5/23): This committee is for youth and adults alike! EWoH encourages Easton youth to come join the coalition and spread the word about youth substance abuse prevention! Those who are closely connected with Easton youth (teachers, coaches, community leaders, etc.) should join this committee, as well!

4. Healthy Environments: EWoH, in conjunction with Healthy Easton, will be seeking to make environmental changes and improvements to the community in an effort to decrease risky behavior by youth. If you would like to be a part of bettering the environment of your town, please consider joining this committee (this meeting will be taking place w/ Healthy Easton on Friday, 5/11 at Queset House (51 Main Street, North Easton).

5. Policy (Tuesday, 5/15): Easton Wings of Hope's mission is to reduce youth substance abuse rates through education, awareness, and policy change. The coalition relies on you as Easton residents to make your voices heard and provide education to the community on important policy issues to ultimately affect policy change in town. If you have a passion for making change happen, then this committee is for you.

If you wish to be part of any of these Volunteer Committees, please contact the coalition's Prevention/Program Coordinator, Larissa Swenson, at  for more details! Meetings will be taking place over the course of the next few weeks.

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OAHS Safe Grad Night is Sunday, 6/3!

A drug and alcohol-free event, OAHS Safe Grad Night is a post-graduation celebration that brings OAHS seniors together one last time in a safe, fun-filled environment!

The OAHS Safe Grad Night Committee is currently in search of volunteers to help them with this memorable event. If you are interested please visit the following websites for more information and to sign up!

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